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The Three Main Reasons for Sealants of Permanent Teeth
1) Treatment protects against cavities forming on chewing surface of the tooth in young children.
2) Treatment is pain-free, no anesthesia required.
3) Treatment is much less costly versus cost of fillings.
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The Three Main Reasons for Replacing Extracted Teeth With Permanent Bridge Work
1) A bridge will close open spaces created by teeth extractions, also helps food packing in those areas.
2) Permanent replacement of teeth, not removable such as a partial.
3) Your natural chewing ability will improve once a tooth is replaced.
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The Three Main Reasons for Crown Treatment
1) Repairing cracked or fractured teeth.
2) Untreated teeth may fracture further requiring root canal treatment or extraction.
3) For front teeth, treatment may improve appearance and increase self-confidence.
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The Three Main Reasons for Treatment of Cavities
1) Treat decay now before it progresses to nerve (pulp) causing nerve exposure and infection, requiring root canal therapy to save tooth.
2) If untreated, it will cause sensitivity and pain.
3) Fillings are much less expensive to do now than root canal, crown, and build-up required later.
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The Three Main Reasons for a Full Mouth Debridement
1) There is a large build up of plaque and calculus on surfaces of teeth that has not yet progressed under gums requiring costly deep cleaning.
2) Once removed, it will help improve gum health and prevent further bone loss.
3) Treatment is much less expensive than scaling and root planing (deep cleaning).
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The Three Main Reasons for Treatment of Extractions
1) The tooth is severely destroyed or decayed.
2) The tooth will become re-infected if not removed once a course of antibiotic is taken, it will also be more painful in recurring infections.
3) The infection and decay causes a bad odor and could progress to other parts of body.
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The Three Main Reasons for Three or Four Month Hygiene Visits
1) Prevents further development of calculus, requiring costly scaling, and root planing (deep cleaning) treatment.
2) Helps reduce bone loss due to calculus build-up.
3) Bacteria re-grows every 90 days; growth must be disturbed to prevent buildup of plaque.
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The Three Main Reasons for Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)
1) Patient has periodontal disease, causing swollen and bleeding gums due to bacterial infection.
2) Deep cleaning will remove calculus built up under gum line, which causes bad breath and bone loss.
3) If infection is not controlled, the patient will be at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes.
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The Three Main Reasons for Treatment for Root Canal Therapy Vs. Extractions
1) You will be saving a natural tooth.
2) The teeth beside, above or below the infected tooth will shift into the open space once the tooth is removed.
3) Your natural chewing ability will suffer once a tooth is removed.
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